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Welcome to EastLake Tri-Cities

What To Expect What To Expect
What To Expect

We’re a good kind of different. A church that is designed for people who don’t usually like church. We think everyone deserves a church that speaks their language and creates opportunities for people to belong before they necessarily have to believe.


EastLake Kids EastLake Kids
EastLake Kids

At EastLake we place a high value on investing in our children. They are the future. We partner with parents to develop healthy families and lasting relationships with God. We have strategically planned our kids environments so that children are safe, have fun and learn about Jesus.


Wear Love Initiative Wear Love Initiative
Wear Love Initiative

For every first time guest during the month of JUNE we’re donating $10 to MY FRIENDS PLACE – a place for homeless teenagers in the Tri-Cities to receive family reconciliation services, transitional living arrangements, job training, and help with mental health or chemical dependency.