EastLake Youth

We love students here at EastLake. So much so, that we invite students to be a part of everything we do here at EastLake. You want to be treated like an adult, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. When we create and plan for our weekend services, we are intentional about including students in our “target audience”. For too many of us, we remember growing up in a youth group that was so disconnected from the main church (or whatever you want to call it), that as soon as our mom stopped making us go we stopped going to church altogether. It never felt like we belonged. So early on, we decided to take a more inclusive approach.

In spite of that approach, we do recognize there’s still a value in an environment that is geared specifically for high school and junior high students which is why we’re offering EASTLAKE YOUTH – a gathering designed specifically for high school and junior high students.

Here’s what you can expect:

kids your age
a quantifiable (look it up) amount of fun
age-appropriate teachings and discussion groups
and a pet hamster for every first time guest*

*…not really.


Sam McPeek
Sam McPeek

Sam and his wife, Becky, have two young boys (Kaden + Caleb) and live in Richland. Sam has led EastLake Junior High since we were meeting at Southridge High and we had to Junior High in one of the computer classrooms. He does something fancy out in the Area, and eats Cheez-Its almost every day.

Amy Snider
Amy Snider

Amy and her husband, Philip, have two kiddos (Mackenzie + Grady) and live in West Richland. Amy is on the EastLake Board and oversees Family Ministry when she’s not making millions selling her designs on Etsy. Also, if you work for the IRS, it’s not really millions. There’s a little bit of hyperbole in there.

Kelly Duggan
Kelly Duggan

Kelly is an alumni and life-long WAZZU Cougs fan in spite of their recent athletic prowess (or lack thereof). He’s married to Kristi and a father to Devin + Josh. Kelly once solved a Rubik’s Cube in a shade under nine hours.



We’re big fans of Young Life.  And they have clubs that meet throughout the Tri-Cities, are school based (i.e. Southridge Club, Kennewick High Club, Richland/Hanford Club), and meet on Monday/Friday nights throughout the school year – in case Sunday nights aren’t your jam.