Caution: We’re changing something. But don’t worry - it’s a good thing.

One of our operating mantras since our inception has been: “Be Scrappy”.

In our circumstances that has typically meant:

(1) figure out a cheap way to do something

(2) take something that’s meant for the business world and make it work for the church

(3) duct tape everything you can

Because of the first two reasons, early on we adopted a handful of independent software management systems that all are effective in their respective areas, but speak different languages.  As we mature as an organization, it has come to our attention that we need to update and consolidate some of our internal systems into one over-arching system that fully integrates information and is designed for churches. 

Over the past six months we’ve slowly transitioned to their check in system and have begun running their customer management software alongside our current software, but at some point you just need to take the plunge. 

Unless you’re on our Logistics team you probably won’t notice too much of a difference except in the area of financials.  We’re consolidating two separate income streams (MESVT and PayPal) into one new awesome portal called: Planning Center – Giving.

What that means is starting today we’ll be accepting donations through and will discontinue the use of Paypal at the end of the month.

If you give by cash or check during one of our weekend services, nothing changes.

If you have recurring donations currently with us through a credit card that you initiated by filling out a giving envelope you don’t have to change a thing. We can manually change it over for you. 

However, if you use Paypal, we do not have any control over your payments and cannot manually make the switch for you.  We will keep the PayPal option open until July 31, but will close it beyond that date.

Here’s why we’re doing this:

(1)  It streamlines the process for our volunteer teams who oversee giving.

(2)  The rate we get from Stripe is 2.3% versus PayPal’s 2.9% – so we’re trying to be better stewards of your money.

(3)  Our monthly subscription fees are now for one system instead of several and drop by over $50/month – that’s like free cable, guys.

(4) If you set up an account you can log in at any time and check your giving history or modify your amount.

(5) Our process for sending out quarterly giving statements is shortcut by about 8 work ours – four times a year.  That’s 32 hours over the course of the year.  Or about one pretty good Netflix binge.

We know it’s risky to do something like this as a non-profit, especially in the middle of the summer, but we’re convinced it’s the right move and we’re even more convinced that you’re all tech savvy enough to get on board and be early adopters. 

Thanks for understanding and for leveraging your resources in order to do your part in creating a church for people who aren’t typically into church.  We couldn’t do it without you.

– Brent