Our Operating Assumptions (i.e. our CORE BELIEFS):

  • Peace with God comes by loving Him and those he cares about (everyone). This is the only truly fulfilling way in which to live.
  • Jesus is the exact representation, reflection, and icon of God. His physical death and resurrection proved his divine authority over death - the inevitable consequence of sin.
  • Because He loves us more than we can understand we are offered the opportunity follow his lead, and empowered by his Spirit to respond and die to our selfish ways of living and live in new life in Him.
  • As recipients of this undeserved grace, we are also called to be dispenser of this grace to those around us - no matter what.
  • We live with the “blessed hope” of the coming redemption of a new heaven and new earth. This influences us to live knowing there is more to this life than just our day to day existence - what we do now has eternal implications. God invites us to be a part of the redemption of human history.
  • The Bible is authoritative on all matters to which it speaks - and context is critical.

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