You shouldn’t feel like you have to have everything together in order to be a part of a church, in the same way that you wouldn’t stitch your arm back together BEFORE you go to a hospital. By the same token, ‘come as you are’ shouldn’t be used as an excuse to stay broken, hurting, or lazy. That’s why we want to offer next steps. These are opportunities for you to do more than just attend on Sunday mornings and call it ‘good’. We’ve listed them in the natural progression we see most people choose to take, but feel free to blaze your own trail.
Find your next step at EastLake…

Starting Point

Starting Point is an eight-week discussion designed for those who are curious about the Bible, for those who are new to a relationship with Jesus Christ and those who have some church experience but have been away for a while. Groups will meet on location during one of our weekend services. Next session starts Dec. 12.

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In today’s culture we put stickers of our alma mater on the bumper of our cars, we wear shirts embroidered with the name of our employer, and more to identify us with a larger grouping of people. That’s essentially what baptism meant for people in Jesus’ day. Even though it’s a holdover from a different culture, the church throughout history has considered water baptism as one of two ordinances of the church — the other being communion.

Baptism today is publicly identifying with the person and teaching of Jesus Christ and a welcoming into the local expression of the body of Christ (the church). Jesus himself even signed up to be baptized (Mark 1:9), which is all the more reason to obey and follow his lead.

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EastLake 101 (on a COVID-19 pause)

Found out why we do the things we do in the ways that we do them. This is a two hour crash course on everything “EastLake”. We offer it multiple times a year, but space is limited.

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We know that people direct their resources to the things in life that they truly care about. In Matthew’s collection of the teachings of Jesus, he recounted a time when Jesus described an imaginary rope tied between your heart and your money -where one goes the other quickly follows. (Matt. 6:21) EastLake is supported financially by people who’ve cheerfully chosen to make us their church home and believe in our mission of creating a church for people who typically aren’t into church.

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Our environments on Sunday mornings don’t just happen. They’re the result of a an army of volunteers who recognize that every weekend we have an opportunity to create welcoming environments for people who don’t normally associate themselves with church. Be a part of one of our rockstar serve teams and make sure our coffee is hot, our kids are safe, and our music is loud.

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Community Groups

At EastLake we believe that circles are better than rows – we’d rather have you in circles during the week than in rows on a Sunday morning. In circles you begin to know and be known by others, and it’s these providential relationships that can spark spiritual growth more than just listening to a talk on Sunday mornings. That’s why groups are so critical for us – we want people to get connected and grow together throughout the week.

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